The Bahamas

Thank you for visiting.  Our network of Bahamas web sites provide a comprehensive resource for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. It is not limited to a few subjects or a specific island, but covers all phases of life in this island nation with an emphasis on Bahamas vacations, Bahamas business and the Bahamas community.

Bahamas Vacation

Just mention the words "Bahamas vacation" and the mind conjures up images of endless beaches, golden sunshine, warm sea breezes and miles of smiles.

The Islands of The Bahamas is a nation of many islands, each with distinct characteristics and exhibiting a unique local flavor, providing a variety of vacation experiences for every type of visitor and every vacation budget.

Come, visit our islands. We invite you to explore our history, taste our food, enjoy the emerald green waters and marvel at its clarity, both from above and below the surface.  Stroll in the powder-soft sand which gird our shorelines. We are sure you will find the experience satisfying and unique. The Bahamas Network contains everything you need to research, plan and arrange your Bahamas vacation.

Bahamas Business

The Bahamas has become a leading financial center and offshore business destination in the Western Hemisphere. More global corporations and international businesses are expanding into international trade, and establishing base operations in The Bahamas, than ever before.

The Bahamas offers important tax advantages for international companies but that only partly explains the attraction to doing business in The Bahamas.  A stable democratic government, expert financial and legal professionals, an international stock exchange, a growing investment and trust industry, world class banking facilities, highly developed communications and Internet systems and excellent real estate investment opportunities also contribute to the immense popularity of these islands as a center for international commerce.  Discover how your business can profit in a Bahamas business environment. 

Bahamas Community

Formed around a shared purpose of developing a vibrant online community, the Bahamas Community is made up of Bahamians, and Bahamians at heart, some of whom are Bahamian residents and others from around the world. 

The Bahamas Community offers an assortment of digital tools that people may use to communicate: bulletin boards, private chat rooms, discussion forums, instant messaging, email lists and community web blogs. 

Find out what's going on in The Bahamas: take the pulse of the Bahamas at a glance; learn what topics are under discussion; find information, expertise, recommendations, positive feedback and more by browsing the many websites that make up the Bahamas community.